Product in lead does not show any of products we have added in product section


In the Lead section is a detail with the name Product in Lead.When we try to add a product clickling plus sign it does not appear any of the product we have added in Product Section before.

After we have created another detail ,the products appeared but after saving them when we close this lead the products were not saved.They were not visible anymore in the detail part.

Is there a way to do that?


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In order to see the products in that lookup you will need to click "Set up customer needs" in the "Leads" section:


There, please select a need type and add products that you would like to use with it:


After that, you will be able to add those products to leads and opportunities that have the same need type.

This functionality is unique to your product and implemented in the schema code. Therefore, it can only be disabled by means of development.

Please let us know if you would like to receive a development consultation on how to disable it.

Yes,I would like to receive a development consultation on how to disable it


If you want to disable the filter on products in Lead, you need to override schema LeadProductDetailV2 and the method openProductLookup in it:

 define("LeadProductDetailV2", ["ConfigurationConstants"],
	function(ConfigurationConstants) {
		return {
			entitySchemaName: "LeadProduct",
			methods: {
				openProductLookup: function() {
					var config = {
						entitySchemaName: "Product",
						multiSelect: true,
						columns: ["Name", "Price", "Currency"]
					var leadType = this.get("LeadType");
					var leadId = this.get("MasterRecordId");
					if (this.Ext.isEmpty(leadId) || this.Ext.isEmpty(leadType)) {
					var handler = function() {
						this.openLookup(config, this.addCallBack, this);
			diff: /**SCHEMA_DIFF*/ [] /**SCHEMA_DIFF*/


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