process run error

after loading new package i get en error.


Terrasoft.Common.ItemNotFoundException: Item Process with "75aab9b1-fc02-49c2-a248-0b84205c6316" Id not found not found.

at Terrasoft.Core.Process.ProcessEngineImpl.FindProcessFlowElementByUId(Guid processElementUId)

at Terrasoft.Core.Process.ProcessEngineImpl.ExecuteProcessElementByUId(Guid processElementUId, Object[] parameters)

at Terrasoft.Core.Process.UsrUnBlockMethodsWrapper.ScriptTask1Execute(ProcessExecutingContext context)

at Terrasoft.Core.Process.ProcessFlowElement.Execute(ProcessExecutingContext context)


the process exist in ProcessLog

have you any idea?

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It seems that another business process is called from the Script task business process element and can't be found. 

Please check if the business process includes calling any other business process from the Script task and make sure that this process exists in the system.

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