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Hi all,

There have been loads of messages on this matter but not seen any correct answer for the process logs cleanup.

I am running onsite with the 7.18.5 on Windows.

I have a retention of 30 days in the settings but process logs from 1st of April to the 15th are still there. I have now in production a big chain of processes and those are generating a lot of subprocess calls. I am facing a slow down in the process logs browsing and opening a single process logs takes long time.


The amount of process logs is now over 1.5 million records...


How can have a correct cleanup of the process logs ? Why the cleanup is not working correctly ?  

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Hi Franck,

We recommend using a basic automatic mechanism in order to reduce the size of the tables. 

Creatio automatically archives completed and canceled processes that remain in the [ Process log ] section list for more than a set period. The default archiving period is 30 days.

As for the system settings. If you want the process logs to be deleted from the system within 30 days, you need the sum of values of the syssettings  ProcessLogArchivingPeriod and ArchiveDataExpirationTerm to be equal to 30 days. It's also worth mentioning that if you set a value of the setting to 0 it will be disabled and the records won't be archived at all. 

Let's say you set  ProcessLogArchivingPeriod to be 15 days, and  ArchiveDataExpirationTerm to 15 days as well. 

Then, let's say the process is being completed on 01.01.2022, then on 16.01.2022 the process log record will be archived and on 01.02.2022 it will be deleted. 

Please find more information here.


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