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I had a column in one of my objects that was deleted. In that column I was computing a sum with the help of a business process. After the deletion, I created another column in order to store that sum, but I cannot save the process as it gives me the following error:

The "ChangeDataUserTask1" element has an invalid value for the parameter "RecordColumnValues". Internal error: "Column with identifier "5edf4d5c-5df2-4c95-b1b7-0282f271b15b" not found in the entity schema "" ("924e0729-30d4-4c7f-a6bf-f203f4b0daef")"

I have checked in the database and the deleted column does not appear anymore, but neither the new one created, even though I saved and published the changes.

1. Why don't I see my new field in the db?

2. Why does the process still look for the first column, if it is deleted now?

3. How can I solve this issue so I can save my process?

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The most likely reason for such behavior is that you need to update your database structure and re-create the original business process.


To update your database you need to go into the configuration settings and click on "Update database structure where needed" under the action menu.


By re-create we meant that, unfortunately, you will have to create a new business process because the original one might still keep looking for an already deleted column.


If  you are still having issues, please feel free to contact our support by writing us an email at


Thank you.

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