problem in processing the response of a Web Service in JSON format ... how can it be corrected?

When trying to call a web service from the BPM'Online platform, the process throws the following error: 

we assume that the error is due to the immense size of the JSON that we try to read from the external web service, so that the response would exceed the processing capacity limits of the webservice module of the bpm'online tool.

Our consulate is, if there is a way to increase the data processing limit of the bpm'online web service module in terms of reading the JSON delivered by the external web service.

We estimate that approximately 6 GB of RAM is needed to process the desired volume of data.

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It doesn't seem to be a memory issue. Bpm'online provides up to around 8 GB RAM in critical moments and 4 GB by default. Anyway, If the application consumes more than around 8 GB RAM, IIS restarts it automatically. If you need more resources, please contact your account manager and the limits will be increased. 

It seems like the issue is related to a wrong JSON format. However, since the JSON is huge you'll not be able to debug it. In this case I recommend to create your own web service according to the article by the link below.…

This way in case of the exception message you'll be able to create your own logging or debug the service on a local copy of the application. 

Please be aware of the fact that during the integration process that consumes almost all available RAM users might face performance issues. 

Thank you very much for the reply; it was indeed an error of the JSON that was being called, since it contained Null fields that did not correspond.

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