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How can we set a grid to filter data when the page loads initially? For example, in the Accounts section, we only want Leads detail area to list Lead records created in the last 2 weeks by default. A button or menu should clearing of the filter and allow the user to display all data if they need it.

Thank you!

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Dear Allen,

There is no built-in functionality for saving detail filters. Visit BaseGridDetailV2 schema and explore its functionality. As a workaround you can save your filters to cache and use load them from there when open the detail again.

Similar idea was discussed here.


Is there still no built-in functionality to pre-filter details? This is a pretty standard requirement always required by customers. If this is still not there can you please explain step by step how the filter can be achieved?

Unfortunately, there is no built-in functionality for pre-defined detail filters.

The filter can be created only via js development. It's possible to set pre-defined filter using the filterMethod detail's property. The value of the property is the name of the method which implements custom filters query.

The AccountContacts details in the Account page has such functionality. Please feel free to find the example in the AccountPageV2 schema.


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