Package dependencies


What else should cause such error.

I have an edit page with detail.

I whould like to edit detil page but i get such error

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Dear Tomasz,

Please set up package dependencies for your Claim package. The package should depend on the following packages:






Custom package should depend on your package.



Anastasia Botezat,

thanks Anastasia

Claim Package is on the bottom of dependency schema (See second attachment). and all the entities are in ClaimEntities package which is up on schema. Others details i can edit but just this one rise an exeption




Сustom package, should be the last one in dependency tree. After custom should be your package. Your package, should depend on the above mentioned packages. 

The detail, which gives you the error can have logic indicated in basic package, which your package "do not see", since it does not depend on it. 

Also, seems the second attachment was not linked to your post, I cannot find it.

Please double check that your package is second from the bottom.

In case everything is set up correctly, please write us an email, so we could check on your side.




I send the dependencies scema as attachment now




Dear Anastasia Botezat,

​​​​​​What is the right technique I should follow in order to select the appropriate dependencies when creating a  new custom package?

Ricardo Bigio,


The technique is as follows:


1) Your package should depend on all the packages specified by Anastasia

2) The Custom package should depend on your package

3)  Make sure that there are no cyclic connections between packages (that could create a loop).


Also please take a look at this article that describes creating your own package for the development of new functionality and also this article about package dependencies.


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

ok, but my question is how Anastasia has arrived to that list of dependencies. When I am creating a new package - any package - how do I know its dependencies ? is there a way I can do it by myself ? Or the right procedure is to add a post here for that ?

Best regards,

Ricardo Bigio,


The Anastasia's list of packages is the set of basic root packages that should be present in your package list of dependencies. These root packages depend on all other system packages and that's why your package should depend on these root packages. There is no standard technique here,  you need to explore the hierarchy tree and find root packages. Please see the "DEPENDENCIES AND PACKAGE HIERARCHY" paragraph in the article so to understand the basic logic of the packages hierarchy.


Best regards,


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