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Based on the previous questions on the same subject in community we have an assumption that calculated fields on Word printables is not supported. 

A workaround would be to have the calculated fields in the entity (Account, Order) itself and compute the values of these calculated fields on certain events with a business process. However, this will result in the business process to be triggered repeatedly just for computation of these calculated fields and may have performance implications.

An alternate would be to compute the values of this printable fields when the user clicks on the Print button, because that is when the computed fields will actually be used. 

Is it possible to override the print button action (in PrintReportUtitlies mixin), and add a custom function call before the printable is processed. If so, can we have details of how to override the "Print" button action?



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It is possible to create custom macros in C# and use them in Word printables. This might solve your need to do the calculations this way. 



Dear Hatim,

Ryan is absolutely right, you can try using custom macros to perform calculations and set the value directly to the printable in case you don't want to use business process for calculations. Also I can add that we have this problem registered on our side regarding automatic calculations and using of formulas in printables and I will inform our R&D team about this community question so to raise the priority of the problem. You can also create a separate object in the database that will store calculated data there and you can use this object in printable so to get calculated data there. Thank you for helping us to make our application better!

Best regards,


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