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I am synchronizing outlook with Creatio. When a task is created in outlook it comes over to Creatio good, but I would like to change the default values some of these fields have. I'm not sure where to look to override these default values.

For instance we want to change default Type from "task" to "meeting".

Please see screenshots

Thanks in advance!

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Dear Tyler,


If you need to rename the Task name, go to the Lookups section, find Activity Types and change the name of the Type record to Meeting.

If you want to change the default type of the activity record that is created, you need to go to the activity object of your custom package, find the Type column and change the default value to the required type. By default it is set to Task.




Dean Parrett,

Thank you.

Is there any way/workaround to only change the default value for this outlook synchronization?

Dear Tyler,


There is no way to identify the mail client that sends the email. But if you know that the activity comes from some account that uses outlook as the mail client, there is a workaround. You can create  a simple process that would read the activity and the User Email column value. If the activity comes from the particular account, that is set in User email column, the type will be changed to the one you need.





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