Organizational rules and functional roles

 Set up permissions:

a. Create 3 new roles: “Department employee”, “Financial controller”, “Department manager”.

b. Set up operation permissions in the object of the “Returns” section:

                      Users with the “Department employee” role must have all permissions in the section, except for permission to delete records.

                      Users of the “Financial controller” role have full access.

                      The rest of the users only have permission to view data in the section


in this case i need to know the 3 roles that are need to be created are organizational roles or functional roles .



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Dear Ibrahim, 

Could you please provide us with detailed information on your task?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,


it's a task in while I'm practicing and this is all info about the roles 

how could i know if these are organizational role or functional role


Dear Ibrahim Nour Eldin,

Please find the information about Functional roles and Organizational roles in our Creatio Academy.

Thank you for your post.

Best regards,

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