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We have several details on Portal (e.g. Product price, Contract and some custom ones).

When portal user double clicks on the record, edit page is opened.


But this happens only on Dev environment. When we install package to Test, it is not possible to open edit page there.

What data should be added to the package in order to open edit page for detail records?

Thank you

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As we have found, there are 2 records for one CardSchemaUId in SysModuleEdit:

Select * from "SysModuleEdit"

where "PageCaption" LIKE '%Contracts%'

So, it is necessary to bind the record, that doesn't exist in Test environment. And to this for all pages that should be opened from details

Maybe someone will give better explanation, but this works

Kind regards,


Hello Vladimir, 

What you did is bind the SysModuleEdit record for the page supposed to open for the portal section which was missing before. 

That's necessary to make sure you bound data from this table along with data from SysSchema, SysModuleEntity, SysModuleEntityInPortal and SysModule to make sure that the portal section and it's pages are correctly transferred. 

Kind regards,


Hello Roman,

we've got new issue with this. Currently page is opened with double click on portal in our dev and test environment (with demo license)

But not opened on customer environment (with real license).


So, that means, that all bindings are done, but something still necessary to do.

Do you have exact manual how to add detail with edit page to the Portal?

Thank you!

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