Numbers format mask - 000.000,00 instead of 000,000.00

Where can I specify the number format mask ? is it a system setting ?

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Hello Ricardo,


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The number format mask depends on the localization you use. For example, in the Ukrainian localization, there is a thousandth separator displayed as space between thousandth parts and comma for integer-decimal part (000 000,00).



In the case of using English localization, there will be such number format mask as you have described in your question: the separator of thousand places is a comma, the separator between integer, and decimal parts — point (000,000.00).



This logic for displaying the numbers format mask was implemented intentionally to match the mask of numbers in different cultures/countries. 


Unfortunately, at the moment there is no possibility to change the separator for number mask format since the number formats are hard-coded into the system core. However, we have registered a suggestion for our R&D team and they will consider implementing the following enhancement in the upcoming releases.


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and how/where can I select the right localization ? Date formats are correct, but not the numbers. 

Hello Ricardo,


For that, you just need to change the language for your current user. To do that click on your profile picture and change the language to the language/localization you need:


If there is no needed localizaion in the Language drop list, you can add the required language from the Languages section in System Designer functional area:


After you found the localiztion you need, add it and save changes (it will take some time to apply changes):


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Ok, but  our users prefer to keep their profile with the english language (localization for Portuguese is very poor. And for developers it is also a problem, as the lookups and system settings names are changed, and the documentation is all in English).


The number formatting could be done the same way as the date and time formats, in the user profile section. It allows the use of the desired date and time format without having to change the language.

That is what we are doing here - date and time show correctly (Portuguese format), regardless of the chosen language (English).


Hello Ricardo,


Thank you for your suggestions, we have informed our R&D team and they will consider it during work on improving the number mask functionality.


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is there an update on number formats, our users are in spanish and need to replace comma with point

Dear Rogelio,


Thanks for reaching out.


We are still searching for a fix for this issue for future releases.


If you have any additional questions, we'd be happy to help.


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