Multiple Object replacement


I would like to create a custom object to replace the activityparticipant object.

However, when i tryed to create the remplacement object, i ve got the error:

Multiple replacements of same schema in single package are not allowed.

There are effectively two activityparticpant objects :

So how can i create a new activityparticipant custom object ?

Thank you,


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hi LÉZORAY Nicolas,

The Error: Multiple replacements of the same schema in a single package are not allowed refers that the object schema is already available in the current package. 

Could you confirm the current package doesn't have this Object?

Also do you have any custom created package and where this replacement is tried?

Below is the successful replacement of object in custom development package.




Bhoobalan Palanivelu.

Hi Bhoobalan Palanivelu !

I don't see how you managed to create the replacement object without error.


In the custom package i have no activityparticipant object:


If i go into Allpackage i have the same files as you (without the DEVLocal one):


Here's how i proceeded:


In the next screen, in the inheritance field, i entered "activityparticipant" 

And then i got the error message:


Can you please let me know how you managed to create your custom item ?

Thank you for your help !!!

Have a nice day,



LÉZORAY Nicolas,

By chance could you please try it in another custom-created package (Custom_Transfer) rather than OOTB Custom?

Bhoobalan Palanivelu,


It works in the another custom package.

I have never used this one.


Thank you !

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