Multi Select Fields - New feature but where?


In the release notes for 7.14.4 there is a new feature that allows you to have a single field with a multiple choice selector. Our platform has been upgraded, but I cannot find how to add such a field to one of my pages.

Is there any further information on this feature, as we have been wanting such a thing for a while now.

You can now create details with multiple values (connection of “many-to-many”) using a separate junction table. For example, multiple values are available for selection in the [Activity results] lookup.

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If it can be done in Low Code, it would be great


Stéphane Banon2,

Well that is what the release notes indicate, but as I cannot find it I am unsure. There is no new field type on the left list and within the Lookup field type settings there is nothing related to it being a multi select field.

I am sure they are not teasing us all, as the custom coded method is WAY to complicated to expect users to implement across their instances.

Any comment from bpm'online ?

Is anyone from BPM able to provide some guidance on this? 

A new feature has been added, but either the description is inaccurate or needs further information to allow users to know where and how to use it.

Mark Roberts,

This part of release notes is located in "DEVELOPMENT TOOLS" so this means this feature is available using development. To check how you can achieve this you may check the code from Activity results lookup - with similar code you can implement detail with "many-to-many" connection. 

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