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I have created a MS Word printable template for accounts in a Sales Enterprise Instance. I am able to print the form in pdf format also.

But I have created a printable template in studio trail account, in that "Convert to pdf" check box is not visible. I was able to download the form only in doc format not in a pdf. Please guide me on how to get the "Convert to pdf" check box in studio account?

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Starting from 7.14.2 version the functionality of PDF-convertation was excluded from an out-of-the-box features list. All clients that are updating between versions and already use such a feature in their printables have this feature being available.

Currently our R&D team is working on implementation of this feature in an out-of-the-box version and we hope that it will return back very soon. We are very sorry for any inconveniences caused.

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Thank you for your quick response.


I have created a overdue activities form which is accessible from accounts page. I need to create a summary column "Number of overdue activities". Can you please guide me on this issue?

Thank you.

likhitha sirisha,

I've created a printable which shows the count of activities in "Completed" status for contacts and here is steps to do that:

1) Create a printable for "Contacts" section

2) Select Quantity of activities for a contact (but you need to change aggregated column from "by Contact" to "by Owner")

3) Once selected click on the edit button

4) In the opened window please specify filtering conditions for activities that need to be taken into a count (in my case those records are activities in completed status)

As a result you need to create a template of this printable and display all those columns. In my case I received the number properly (this number also included "Email" activities Here is also an Academy reference on printables setup here. Please do the same to achieve your business task.

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Thank you. I followed the procedure and I got the required result.


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