MS word plugin for mac

Hi, Is the MS word plugin for MAC available?

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Unfortunately as for now there is no plugin for MAC users, but our R&D team is working on the solution and we have a problem for them that is in "Accepted" status, so the plugin should be available in one of nearest versions of the applicaiton. We will inform them about your request so to raise the priority of the problem. Thank you for helping us to make our application better!

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Great!! Looking forward for the same.

Oscar Dylan,

Hi Oscar,
is there any update on this? 

Dear Oliver,


Thank you for being interested in Creatio products and its add-ons. 

Unfortunately, as for now, there is still no developed plug-in for devices with MacOs. We have increased the priority of this functional request and R&D team is in the progress of creating the needed plug-in. It will only be available in future application releases.


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Any news on this subject ?


Thank you

Hello Mariam,


Thank you for your question.

This solution is yet to be developed but as you can see from the previous responses we will add your question to our R&D request in order to expedite it


Thank you.


Is there any update on this?


Hello Solem Khan Abdusalam,

This solution is in the process of being developed by the responsible team.


Thank you for your question.

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