Mobile app differences between online and offline mode

Other than the need for synchronization, are there differences in app functionality between online and offline mode? Our instance was in Offline mode by default. 

However, we're considering switching to Online mode because the case-sensitive search in Offline mode is a significant problem for our users. 

Before we switch, however, we'd like to know if Online mode will cause any other differences. (Aside from the need to synch.)



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Hello Jeffrey,

Please refer to this Academy article regarding bpm'online mobile application architecture. The main difference between these two modes is that if you select the online operation mode, there is no need to synchronize the application manually. In this mode, the app synchronizes with the bpm'online server automatically, in real time. For example, if you add a task using the mobile application, the task will immediately display in the primary application and vice versa.

In the offline mode, the mobile app user should synchronize periodically with the primary bpm’online application. Changes made to the mobile application are saved on the bpm'online server only after synchronizing with the primary application.

There is also a table in the article provided which displays difference between these two modes.

In different mobile app operation modes, synchronization with bpm’online has different functions. In the online mode, the synchronization is required only to apply configuration changes. In the offline mode, the synchronization is required both to apply configuration changes and to synchronize the data between the mobile app and the bpm’online server.

So as a result Online mode should not cause any errors and it is not significantly different from Offline mode.



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