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I'm trying configure website event tracking functionality on our demo environment based on documentation.

I have already added  website domain to Tracking domains lookup.

I have created new website event as page visit with correct Page URL and activated it.

Next i clicked "Set up tracking" under setup tracking and received possitive message "Congratulations ..".

Tracking code is added to my page and after visiting page i see in developer tools/Network, that outbound post message to is invoking with status Code: 204 and EventTypeId {the same id as in application - Website Event}.

So everything looks ok, but when run List Dashboard based on "Website tracking event in customer profile" object i can't see new records. 

How to verify where is the problem ?



Marcin Kott


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If the website event tracking was configured according to the documentation (…;

please make sure that the functionality was set up correctly by following the next tips:

1. Go to the page that a visit is tracked on. Open DevTools and go to the Network tab.

After a tracking action is done (for example, refresh the page in the case the page visit is tracked) the sent request "Tracking" will appear in the Network tab (

2. Click on the "Tracking" row in order to get request details. Sent parameters are displayed in the Request Payload block (

Please pay attention to the SessionId parameter. This parameter enables bpm'online to gather information about customer's website events, both before and after actual registration.

3. After filling out and submitting the landing page form the list of website events will displayed in the newly created lead (

4. Check that the BpmSessionId value for the newly created lead is the same as the SessionId parameter from the Network tab mentioned above ( 

If all requirements mentioned above were met, the functionality should work properly.

Please note that the events don't appear in the system right away. It's needed approximately 10-15 minutes before synchronization with the tracking server is done and the data are uploaded on the lead page.

Hello Alina,

Thank You for explanation.

My tracking payload looks correct:

ApiKey: "9EjeMws5eo1mq6lX8al755789MtTo2tQGhvPt2ai"

EventTypeId: "fe7ffd24-e880-4402-8f90-09e93f0b0876"

SessionId: "cb7a7b57-26f0-bd83-46bd-de574e0a14ee"

TimeZoneOffset: -120

Url: ""

To confirm my understanding:

To receive tracking events on my environment from it's require to submit form to register lead and then upon lead creation all tracking events will be registered under them, right ?

In my case i tried to receive tracking events without submiting form on landing page but when lead is required i may change asumptions.



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