Long text in detail list view

I have a detail that can have long texts, as shown on the picture:

Is it possible to make the long text collapsible, so that it is shown only when user click's it intentionally? If not, do you have other ideas about how to present this data?

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Hello Carlos!

Unfortunately, we have no out-of-the-box functionality that you required. You can achieve it only via development.

The idea is to create custom css that will hide long text and js method that will show it when you clicked on a row. FYI: method that triggers when you click on a row is called "onActiveRowAction". I attached useful links that might help you below.

Work with row selection :

Custom css:……

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Thank you, it should work.

EDIT: I think I managed to do that with only CSS. I added this rule to my detail:


#UsrCommunicationDetailDetailControlGroup > div > div.grid-listed-row:not(.grid-row-selected) div {
	white-space: nowrap;
	text-overflow: ellipsis;
	overflow: hidden;


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