Logical Deletion

I need to change the Delete functionality on a list, to be a logical deletion instead of a physical deletion. 

Is that possible? 

Could I use a Business Process to cancel the delete process and mark the row as "deleted" ?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Ignacio,

Unfortunately, it's not clear what you mean by logical deletion, could you please describe the task in more detail?

Sure. I want to add a column called "IsDeleted" or "Deleted" that is marked to true when the record was deleted by a user. Then another process with process that deletion and do the physical deletion.



When you initiate the deletion of a record, it will be permanently removed from the system, and this is a fundamental logic that cannot be changed.

However, you can add a logical field at the record level, for example, "IsDeleted", and instead of deletion, users can utilize this field. Then, configure a business process with a "delete data" element: 

This element will handle the deletion of such records.

Thank you for reaching out!

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