Lock fields on Communication options

Hello! Is there any way to lock the fields from Communication options? I tried adding business rules on Contact but it doesn't work, because these fields are on a separate object.

I was thinking on adding some code on ContactCommunicationDetailV2.js but I don't really know how to write a method to apply this change.


disableNumber: function () {

                var number = this.get("Number");


                var contact = this.get("Contact");

                var customField = contact.get("customField");

                var isEnabled = ((customField === null) || (customField === undefined) || (customField === ""));


                number.set("Enabled", isEnabled);


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For now, you cannot disable the field in this detail using code. the reason for this is that these columns are created during the code execution and don't contain the "Enabled" parameter.

To be specific, you should look at the method onContainerListDataLoaded in the BaseCommunicationDetail schema. In there you can see what information and what methods are present in these columns and that there is no option to disable them.

I've already asked our R&D team to add this possibility in the future. Thank you for this idea and for helping in making the app better!


Thank you for your answer. Have a good day!

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