Link approval record with second entity

We implemented an approval process in the opportunity entity.
But now I have the requirement to link the approval-records also with an second entity.


In the new approval-object (which will created if you activate the approval in the target section wizard), I created a new lookup-field (link to the second entity).



But in the Approval task I can't find any way to fill this new field.



Is there any solution for this requirement?

Like 0



I believe its best to use only one record in the system to be linked to the Approval. You just have to ask yourself what the user is accuallt approving and commit to that. Is it the Opportunity(aka Pitch?) or the Project(aka Matter?)?


If I wanted to display History of Approvals of the Opportunity, on the Project Page, that's easy to set up using a Detail. Easy to use and good overview as well


You could modify the Approval object and have it be connected to an Project (this not the same as the Link-function since that's pretty special). But I gotta wonder if this is neccessary

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