LDAP element on Managers Group


Is there any way to synchronize a Managers Group of a role with LDAP? In the Users tab there is a LDAP element field, but on the Managers tab it is missing.

I was thinking that it might be possible, because each role has the columns LDAPEntry, LDAPEntryId and LDAPEntryDN in SysAdminUnit. And a managers group role is an entry itself in that table.

Thank you.

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The synchronization of a Managers Group of a role with LDAP is not a built-in feature. The LDAP element field you mentioned in the Users tab is specifically designed to map individual users from an LDAP directory to corresponding user records in Creatio.

However, you are correct in noting that each role in Creatio has LDAP-related fields such as LDAPEntry, LDAPEntryId, and LDAPEntryDN in the SysAdminUnit table. These fields are used to store information about the LDAP entry associated with a particular role.

The Managers tab in Creatio is not directly linked to LDAP synchronization. The managers for a specific role are typically defined within Creatio itself, rather than being synchronized with an external LDAP directory. The managers are typically selected from existing user records within Creatio.

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