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 I wanted to integrate wordpress landing page to new object(say UsrTempInfo) in bpm'online.

I went through the below link


the below image is the screen shot of lead registration form. But if we are doing this for new object(not lead), how can we include the html code (step 2), since i am trying to add record in new object. The steps are not clearly mention  in the above link. how to get the html code.Please help...

because to integration wordpress landing page we need landing id which is in html code. i.e auto generated .


Please Help!!!!

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It requires to be a wordpress developer in order to apply the landing page code to a wordpress application. Otherwise please consider using the plugin.

Even after installing this plug in are you sure my integration of landing page to new object can be achieved ? 

I would like to know this... but in this plug in i dint find saying integration for new object. So please help!!!!!

Thanks in advance


We mailed the above plug in support asking if our requirment can be achieved. So that we can buy the plugin. They mailed saying, it is not possible.

We our self could get the landing ID in the web link when entered the landing page . Refer below image

With this we could integrate the landing page with new object by following steps in the below link.

Thank you

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to create custom objects from a landing page. However please feel free to create a lead as usually. Then create a business process. It's possible to design a business process that will create a custom object based on the newly created lead.

Alina Kazmirchuk,


Thank you for the reply.

I din't ask for creating a custom objects from landing page. I asked for creating a record in custom object(new object) from landing page, just like lead get creates from landing page. 

Anyways it worked for me. i have explained how i did it in my previous comment.

Thank you

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