Landing page mappings

Hi, I'm working on a landing page, its the default "create lead" landing page 

I have this mappings by default:  

       "Name": "css-selector", // Name of a visitor, submitting the page
        "Email": "css-selector", // Visitor's email
        "Zip": "css-selector", // Visitor's ZIP code
        "MobilePhone": "css-selector", // Visitor's phone number
        "Company": "css-selector", // Name of a company (for business landing pages)
        "Industry": "css-selector", // Company industry (for business landing pages)
        "FullJobTitle": "css-selector", // Visitor's job title (for business landing pages)
        "UseEmail": "css-selector", // Logical value: 'true' equals to visitor's opt-in to receive emails
        "City": "css-selector", // City
        "Country": "css-selector", // Country
        "Commentary": "css-selector" // Notes


When sending all this data to BPM'Online its creating the lead, and his contact, and its creating an address including the city and the zipcode in it.

I need to map address1, and state to that address that is being created,and I need to map Birthday to contact too. 

Is this posible? How should I map those fields?




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You can put any contact properties there that exist on the contact object. Just add BirthDate, Address (which is the address1 field), and Region (which is state) to the list of properties on the landing page. 


Ryan Farley,

Thanks, I will try that.

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