Issue in Parent Child - Lookup - Recruitment Plugin

We use this recruitment plugin from marketplace Recruitment for Creatio | Creatio Marketplace . when we add a new employee - we get to see the parent and child ( like in the pic below) organization structure items lookup for the organization field in the employee section.  but the same lookup while in edit mode to change the organization of the employee doesn't show the child as shown in the pic below - any help is much appreciated.

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Hi Ganesh,


The recruitment add-on does not feature a hierarchical view for data. Please specify which tool did you use to set up a hierarchical view for the 'Organization structure items' lookup?

Dear Alex - This feature came as part of recruitment plugin available here…



Hi Ganesh,

We have forwarded the information regarding the error during add-on installation to the relevant team. They will review the issue with the data view in the lookup after the package update.

In order to help the team expedite their review, please specify your Creatio product's name and version.

Dear Ivan, We resolved this issue by just disabling the business rule which was filtering the lookup to display only the sub division. So disabling the rule did display the staff unit's below the sub division. Regards, Ganesh

Hi Ganesh,


Thank you for the update. I have sent it to the team.

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