Issue in Opportunity Amount update after adding products


The opportunity amount was getting updated based on the products added to the opportunity. But after i added replacing object to 'Opportunity product' with new column, the opportunity amount is not updating . 

The server side business process should also work even after we do replacing object with new columns. but this is not working.

Please help. And correct me if am wrong.

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Dear Sriraksha,

According to the out-of-the-box ligic, the calculation of the value in Opportunity Amount field is performed in the separate object - OpportunityProductInterest - by the object process 'CalckOpportunityAmountAfterSevedScriptTask' You need to change replace this object and modify the method 'CalckOpportunityAmount', tick the checkbox 'override' and save the changes

The other solution is to create a new separate business process that would update the Opportunity amount value.

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Dean Parrett,

If we use replacing object , then the server side processes of the object should be reflected in latest one right!!.. Why this is not happening?

Dear Sriraksha,

Yes, when you replace an object, its built-in processes are transferred to the new object. But the object Opportunity doesn't have built-in process that is responsible for Opportunity Amount calculation. The required object with the required built-in process is OpportunityProductInterest. It is associated with the original Opportunity object only. Therefore, you need to replace OpportunityProductInterest and 'connect' it with the new replaced Opportunity object.

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