Issue with localizable text

Hi community,

I created a business process that inserts a new OpportunityProductInterest for a specific product into a specific Opportunity.

The insert process element step copies the Product.Notes column to the OpportunityProductInterest.Notes column.

Product.Notes is a localizable text column and its value is localized to English and Italian.

If the BP is saved using a user localized in English, everything works fine, while if I make changes to the BP using a user localized in Italian, the BP does not work.

The expected result is the OpportunityProductInterest.Notes filled with the value Product.Notes, but in the wrong scenario the column is assigned the empty string.


What do you suggest me?

thank you in advance

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I founded the solution.

The OpportunityProductInterest.Notes field was not a text localized, then the BP didn't work correctly.

I change the field as localized text and everything is fine now.


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