Insertion of record From SQL Query not activating triggers in Creatio

Hello Community,


I have a scenario where I need to trigger a business process on record addition in CaseFile Object, but the record will be added using an SQL Query.


 The issue is that even after the execution of "INSERT INTO CaseFile . . " SQL command using SSMS, the business process does not get triggered in Creatio. Any help on this would be highly valuable.


Thank you in advance. 

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Dear Rahul, 

The processes are not triggered when you do direct inserts/updates in the database. Technically, it is possible to create a trigger in the database that would start a process for you upon the database insert. Else, you can try to achieve the similar functionality with the help of external applications.

Kind regards,


Roman Brown,

Thank you for your response Roman. I'll try working on this approach. 

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