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I have a business task to allow users "know" about a record they search for even though they don't have permission to view that record.

Meaning: The process before adding a contact is first to make sure the contact does not exist in the system. sometimes a user doesn't have permission so he can't see the record and adds it.

We are looking for a way to let the user know that the contact exists but he just does not have permission to view it. I rather add an option for him to request access straight from Creatio but that's less important if he can know that record exists and ask our support to give him access it will work too.

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we have solved similar task with Stored procedures. 

1) Create stored procedure with input parameters (Contact name, Contact surname)

2) Procedure returns set of found existing records, but with limited information (e.g. Contact name, surname, country, date of birth and owner)

3) These records are displayed to user when he enters Name or Surname, but just for information

4) We also save found records into special detail to see what information user has ingored entering new Contact

We did the same for Accounts, Leads (for names, web, email domain etc) and Communication options

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