I need to reset my environment to the factory default, please...

Greetings All, 


I was doing quite well adding new Page Field Groups and then I started adding new columns / fields with Lookups.

I found that they did not work as intended and I tried to modify them.  I could not change or delete them and followed some advice to delete the objects in System Designer | Advanced Settings.  

While I was able to finally delete the objects in Section View, I was not able to delete the Lookup objects in Advanced Settings as it said that 'there are items that depend on them'.  I then deleted the 'Usr' object which happily went away, but I suspect that was not a good idea.


I did find an article stating that I could reset by going to 'Your profile' and clicking on 'Restore default settings', but that did not work (as it is probably only for my profile even though I am doing the trial and I am the admin. 


The URL for the trial starts with '014733' if that is the key to doing the reset please.


Thanks very much!!


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Hello, Please contact our support directly in order to make that request. This should not take long before your website returns to the default state

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