How We can apply multiple sorts on section list?

Is there any way to apply multiple sorting rules on section page? 


For example, on case page I need to sort the list by priority first if the priority is same then, apply the status rule. 


One more thing I want to apply this rule as by Default so every time any user visit case section page, the user by default sees the list in given as above manner. 


If anyone has any information regarding the same do let me know.

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Hi Meet,


Not sure it's possible in the current Creatio logic since here is the part of DataGrid object declaration from the BaseDataView schema:

"operation": "insert",
                "name": "DataGrid",
                    "sortColumn": {"bindTo": "sortColumn"},
                    "sortColumnDirection": {"bindTo": "GridSortDirection"},
                    "sortColumnIndex": {"bindTo": "SortColumnIndex"},

As we can see there are three main parameters that are responsible for grid sorting: sortColumn, sortColumnDirection and sortColumnIndex. Each of them calls either the sortColumn function or changeSorting function from the GridUtilitiesV2 schema where the value is set for these attributes. And the problem is that these functions can only get one column as an argument.


Overriding this logic won't be an easy task since there are two functions and the DataGrid object that should be modified. Our core R&D team has a problem registered on their end to make it possible to sort the grid using several columns and this idea is added to the system functionality improvement roadmap. So it's better to wait until the out-of-the-box solution is deployed and tested.


Best regards,


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