How to use custom macros in Send email Custom message?

The functionality of custom messages in the Send email system action changed recently.  When I click in a text box and select Custom macro, I get the following error:

It used to just give me the same selections as for a function. I want to reference the process parameters, not an entity. How do I specify an entity for column selection or access the process parameters? Also, the Yes/No buttons make no sense here because it's not a question.

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Our developers are currently working to resolve this problem in all applications. I'd suggest you to approach our support team via to get this issue fixed on your website. 

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Hi Dean is there a resolution to this issue in the last 2 years? I am trying to make a macro in a template and cannot


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Thank you for your question!


The website needs to be recompiled in order for the changes to be applied.


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