How to post more fields from Case Registration Form landing page

In the landing page custom javascript code to be added to our web site pages there are only a few case fields (see fields properties of the config variable in the attached image)

  • "Subject"
  • "Email"
  • "Name"
  • "Phone"

I need to let the user on the landing page to provide more informations, like Category or some custom fields (numbers, strings and lookups), that should be automatically set on the related new case.

Is it possible to do that? If yes can somebody provide me some examples, possibly with a lookup field that I think it could be the most complicated situation)?

Thank you

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Hello Massimiliano,

To add additional fields to your landing page you need to go to configurations, open Case object and check how those fields are named in the object. For example if I need to add case category to my landing page I am using following code for adding case categories values to my landing page:

        <input type="hidden" id="CategoryId" />
        <input list="Categories">
            <datalist id="Categories">
                <option value="Incident">
                <option value="Service request">
                <option value="New test category">

Then I am adding Category field to my landing page (since the column is called "Category" in configurations), and you can read more about how to add drop-down list to landing page here

By the way, same article tell us how to add radio buttons to a landing page.

Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Hello Oscar

Thank you very much for your response.

Just another question about lookup fields: in you example the value the landing page must send to Creatio for a lookup is its description and not its Id. Is it correct? Creatio does the match using the lookup description and not the lookup ID?

Best regards


Massimiliano Mazzacurati,

We are sending selected value to Creatio app, but mapping is performed via field Id, not description, so the answer is - Creatio does the match using the lookup Id.

Best regards,


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