How to pass "Collection type" Parameter from Code

In this Code "CollectionParameter" is Collection of records type.


const handlerChain = sdk.HandlerChainService.instance;
const result = await handlerChain.process({
    type: "crt.RunBusinessProcessRequest",
    processName: "UsrSomeProcess1",
    processParameters: {
      CollectionParameter : //How it should be passed ?
      SomeParameter: "Some Value" //ID Paramete
    $context: request.$context
if (result.success) {
    // process was sucessfully executed



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You can use the ProcessEngineService in order to run a business process through a web service and send a collection parameter. The Academy has published an article with a detailed example of how to use ProcessEngineService, which you can find at

Additionally, there's an overview of the web service that explains how to send a key-value collection of incoming parameters, and you can access it at

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