How to loop through and modify collection of records using Business Process

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Can some one suggest a better approach to loop through multiple records and modify them. Please note that the trigger is coming from Signal (Record Added).


Basically, I am trying to add multiple records using Multi-select lookup detail built using LookupMultiAddMixin.

Reference - 

This is configured in a custom detail and on add, business process places that many number of rows to that detail. Now based on the detail object specific column value, I want to update all the contact records that is mapped with that detail.


But what I notice is it is updating only 1 record. Kindly suggest how this could be achieved.


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Hi Anupama, 


One of the ways to create a loop in your process to work with the collection of records is  to create a sub-process and pass the collection into the subprocess. 

You can refer to the example below and create the process you need: 



Signal "Contact Added" element: 

Read Data "Read Contact" element:



For the sub-process, you would need to specify the [Parameters] of it:



And make a filter of the element within the sub-process based on the ID:

And finally, you would need to specify this parameter in the parent Business Process:



You may also find these academy Articles useful:……


Hope this helps!


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Thanks Yurii Sokil for the detailed instruction and the sequential  Execution Mode is something I haven't tried it before. Would definitely try that.


In between I tried another approach where-in at the entry point where the Signal action is placed, I unchecked the option of "Run following elements in the background". With this, until the process is completed, I was able to read the required values and add/edit/delete multiple records.



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