How to invoke configuration service (internal web-service) from Business Process ?

Hi Team,

As in topic, i'm looking example how to call internal post web-service inside business process. Should i use "Script Task" or "Call Webservice Task" to handle it ?


I found only information how to do this from client-side js under link… but i would like to invoke similar post method via business process.



Marcin Kott

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You would use a script task, but you don't need to call it like a web service. Keep in mind, the web service is just a C# class in the Terrasoft.Configuration namespace. You can simply create an instance of the class, like you would any class, and invoke it's methods. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that how the service gets things like UserConnection will be different when used this way. For these cases, I usually have an overloaded constructor in the web service class where I provide the UserConnection to it

For example:

var myObj = new Terrasoft.Configuration.UsrSourceCode1(UserConnection);

Hope this helps.



Yes indeed, Your comment help me to go forward with design solution. Thanks,



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