How to Generate Auto Number in Opprtunities Page

-I have custom field in Opprtunities page.I want auto generate this field wilh some value like 

for ex:abc001.

so how can do that?

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Dear Jaydatt N Tank,

Enabling Auto Numbering requires certain development knowledge. You can find detailed guidelines here:…


With best regards,

Oliver Wingston


it shows like we can enable auto numbering in  [Documents], [Invoice], and [Contracts] page. i want to do in Opportunities page.


Dear Jaydatt N Tank,

The information provided in the article is general and there are restrictions/specifications for Opportunity.

With best regards,

Oliver Wingston

Hi Oliver,

What kind of

restrictions/specifications in Opportunity? can you please explain it?


Jaydatt N Tank,

I am sorry for confusing you. I meant there is no restrictions/specifications, hence you can use the same mechanism described in the article for Opportunity section.


Witj best regards,

Oliver Wingston

Oleh Chudiiovych,

Good Day Oleh

May I know the difference between the two

  • Client-side implementation.
  • Server-side implementation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages? which one is better?



Fulgen Ninofranco,

There is no "best solution" since both have their own advantages and disadvantages and you should consider what is the best option for your system.

  • The server-side one will be hosted locally, hence you need to have a local machine with hardware and resources according to the number of users you will have and some other aspects. More details can be found here.
  • The server-side solution will be available for you and you can make it available in from local machine, or specific locations etc. in case security is the issue.
  • The client-side solution requires less resources from the user PC since the actual site is hosted on servers. More details can be found here.
  • The client-side implementation will be kept by the cloud team, meaning updating, backuping and other processes won't be your responsibility. Moreover such actions as restarting the site, restoring from backup, resetting the password etc. will be performed by support in shorter terms. 
  • The client-side option involves almost 24/7 availability of the site, while server-site option might be complicated option.
  • The server-side option might create certain difficulties since support won't have any access to site/database and remote sessions might be needed.
  • The server-side option will be kept by you, hence installing, updating and maintenances will be performed by you and it requires certain set of skills.
  • The client-side option will be ready and configured correctly, while bulk emails, global search and list of other features should be configured manually by you.

There are a lot of other points, but these key-points should help you with understanding what is better for you. Also, there is an option to move your side from client-side to server-side, support will provide you with all the files needed.


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