How to create replacing schema for Freedom UI BasePageTemplate

How to you create a replacing schema for the base page types in Freedom UI? I need to add functionality to the BasePageTemplate so it exists on all pages that inherit from that base type.

If I select "replacing view model" the Freedom UI base page types don't show up in the Parent field. 

If I open a base page type, it doesn't allow saving since it's not in my package.

If I need to add functionality to the base page type for Freedom UI pages, how can I do this? What am I missing?


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also, you can enable the AllowCreateAngularSchema feature.

After that, the "Angular replacing view model" item will appear in the "Add" button in the WorkspaceExplorer.


Hi Ryan Farley,

  1. Create a new client schema (Freedom UI Page).

  2. Select any template and click on the select button, it will open the New UI Designer and click on the source code editor, it will ask to save the page, save the page and then open the code editor as depicted below.

  3. In the "Parent schema" dropdown, select "BasePageTemplate".

  4. Give your new schema a name and add the required elements and attributes to your replacing schema as needed.

  5. Save the schema and publish it.

This way we can create a New UI schema and get the base pages of 8.0. BasePageTemplate can be used as a parent as shown in above screenshot.


Bhoobalan Palanivelu.

Bhoobalan Palanivelu,

Thanks Bhoobalan. That's a great/easy way to create a new template for use on other pages. However, I need to do this for pages that I don't create as well. I'm trying to recreate some of my marketplace addons to also work with Freedom UI pages. In order for it to work, I need certain things to be a part of every Freedom UI page, not just the ones I create, in the same way I would create my own replacing BasePageV2 for classic pages. 

Certainly there must be a way to create a replacing schema for BasePageTemplate itself? (I could do it in earlier versions of Freedom UI, but in 8.0.6 it seems they've made it no longer allowed or something?)


Hello Ryan,


The replaced schema is created automatically when you save the page if the original schema is in a locked package.



also, you can enable the AllowCreateAngularSchema feature.

After that, the "Angular replacing view model" item will appear in the "Add" button in the WorkspaceExplorer.

Kalymbet Anastasia,

If I try saving BasePageTemplate it gives me a message: "Unable to save changes for item "BasePageTemplate". It is either created by third-party publisher or installed from the file archive". I get this message if I try to save any of the base Freedom UI page template types (but not for pages using the templates, such as Account_FormPage, etc)

Also, it sounds like the AllowCreateAngularSchema feature is what I need, however, I don't see that one in the features toggle page. I am using 8.0.6 - is that feature supposed to exist in 8.0.6?



Kalymbet Anastasia,

I added the AllowCreateAngularSchema in the features page and toggled it on, I now have the "Angular replacing view model" available. I'm going to give that a try now. Thanks.

Kalymbet Anastasia,

Yay! That worked! Thank you!


Kalymbet Anastasia,

Especially a nice surprise that after creating the replacing schema I can use the visual editor to make visual changes to the template instead of just directly modifying the viewConfigDiff :)

Ryan Farley,


Where can i find "AllowCreateAngularSchema in the features page". 

Manne Pavan kumar,

  1. Navigate to [Creatio URL]/0/Nui/ViewModule.aspx#BaseSchemaModuleV2/FeaturesPage OR use the new Freedom UI version [Creatio URL]/0/Shell/#Section/AppFeature_ListPage
  2. Enter AllowCreateAngularSchema in the Feature Code box
  3. Click Create Feature
  4. Locate the newly created AllowCreateAngularSchema feature
  5. Toggle the switch to on
  6. Click Save Changes button


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