How to create a process which will take input, filter out records and export data accordingly ?

Creatio CRM has the feature of exporting data by filtering some records. Then we can export the data using the export to excel option.

However, for customers(end user) it may be confusing to apply multiple filters.


In this case lets suppose I only want to apply filter to only 2 fields.

So I want to create a process which will ask user to input values for those 2 filters. After that process will automatically generate a excel file which have all the records filtered according to the 2 filters input values.


Is this possible to do so?

I tried to create process but how to export data I can not figure out.


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Hello Ramnath,


It is better to use a standard scenario of specifying the filter and exporting records using the "Export to excel" action in the section. If you could create a script-task that could trigger the "ReportService" service and "GetExportToExcelKey" method inside this service based on the filtering parameters than this process could be executed. But we have no examples of this logic implementations so you need to look through the "GetExportToExcelKey" method and test it on your side.


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Hey Oscar,


I have very less development experience on Creatio Platform so I can't think I can develop scripts right now.


Rather I came up with another solution - Dynamic folder with access rights. So user will have access to the dynamic folder where they can filter record according to two fields. But I am unsure if giving them edit access may result in modifying the filter parameters. 


For example I want to find all the records that were created in between a period - I can create a dynamic folder with two fields -

(Created on > date_1 and Created on <date_2)


But having access to edit dynamic folder, the customer can also modify Created on parameter to modified on. 



They cannot modify the Created On value of the record (since we are discussing the Created On column for records not for the folder itself (by the way they cannot modify Created On for folders as well)).


Yes, the client can modify the parameter itself (replace Created On with Modified On), but the client needs to understand that he/she shouldn't do it. By the way the client can create such a filter on their own (the possibility of advanced filters was developed for such proposes). Why there should be a process that should do this? It is easier to do it manually than via a process.


Also you can remove edit access rights for all users in the system using the "Change access rights" process element. As a result the client will see the folder, but won't be able to modify it.


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I thought of making the the process of exporting data easily with one click. That's why I wanted to see if it's possible with process.

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