How to create ConnectionString for EntitySchemaQuery


Our intention is create a console app (C#) using EntitySchemaQuery  that query an entity (like Account or Contact) and gets its rows to populate a local table. 

We are trying to connect our bpmonline using this example:


// Creating a query instance, adding columns and a data source in the query.
Select selectQuery = new Select(UserConnection)
// Executing a database query and getting the resulting dataset.
using (DBExecutor dbExecutor = UserConnection.EnsureDBConnection())
    using (IDataReader reader = selectQuery.ExecuteReader(dbExecutor))
        while (reader.Read())
            // Handling the query results.


The problem is we do not know how to create the connection string (UserConnection) to our cloud services,


How to create this UserConnection? Someone has an example or may guide us?





Theoretically, it's possible to use bpm'online local .dll-s and create the connection. However, it's very hard and usually pointless. If you need to get data from bpm'online, please create a web service in bpm'online. The service should get the needed data and give it to the requested.

This is how to create a service.

This is how to log in and call it

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