How to create a business process to merge duplicated records

Hi community,


I want to merge duplicated records under the section Cases. I have a ton of cases that have common information and in my situation, there is a key field created by me which stores an external identifier of the record, which is different from the default Case autogenerated number field. If I filter cases by the value of that field I find more than one record, which means that there is redundancy that I need to


I can't do a excel file upload trying to overwrite the information as it will fail when it encounters duplicates. I think the only way to approach this is with a business process, but in the available operations there is one called Find and merge duplicates

But it only lets me search for records from the sections Contacts and Accounts, so I can't access Cases as I want.


Could you please help me implement this or suggest a possible solution?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Please check the article below. There you will find detailed instructions regarding your question.…

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