How to change the period of the link performance to Analyze the dynamics of “opens” and “clicks” time-wise 

Hi Team,

We are trying to analyze the opens/clicks dynamics during the day to determine the best time to send emails


But the interval is set to 2 hours [oob feature] and as attached in the screenshot we get to view the analyse only 3 days of data whereas if you look at the email open stats and click stats the count doesn’t match with the open/click chart as it has only 3 days of data to be shown.


Create instance being used is 7.15.0


Question : How do we extend the interval from two hours to a 24 hours or can we expand the existing chart only to the fullest/scrollable from the campaign start to end date/ start to todays's date.





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Hi Mayan,


You can either change the value for the BulkEmailHourlyStatisticPeriod system setting (this is a system setting code), or you can create a filter in the Contacts section and specify time periods you need. The object to call in the filter is "Response in Email (by column Contact)" and the filter is something like on the screenshot below:

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