How can I execute a process with the Ids from the selected records of a detail?

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I have this requirement where the client must be able to move one or more records from one detail to another through a business process. Following the steps shown in the image below:


1. The user must select one or more records from the "Product on Invoice" detail.


2. Next, the user executes the business process using the "Add" button. The process must receive the ids of the selected records.


3. Finally, all the selected records should then be added to the "Products in the Correction Invoice".



How can I achieve this requirement on the new Freedom UI?


If you need more information, feel free to ask.


Thanks in advance.


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Pedro Pinheiro



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Dear Pedro,


To execute this idea, you can do the following:


1) You can add the element that depends on user's choice in the "User's Action":



You can add an "Auto-generated/Pre-configured page" asking the user for an Id for example.


2) To achieve this, you can add the action on the button to start the business process in the page designer:




For the transfer, you can read the data from both objects, then use the modify data element.


You can read more about business process capabilities in the following article tree:…


Have a great day!

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