How can i change user type when i change user?

Hello, when I change Owner, type section also should change, please help how can i do that?

Thanks so much in advanced.

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You need to set the value for the "type" column using a client-side code and this.set method. This should be added to the "Owner" attribute modification handler method (the handler example was provided in this post for example).


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You can see an article on how to wire up change events on the page here:…

As far as setting the value of the Type lookup, a lookup needs an object with two properties to display properly, (1) a value property (the Id of the lookup item) and (2) displayValue (the text of the lookup item). You'd set it like this: 

this.set("Type", {
    value: theIdOfTheTypeItem,
    displayValue: theTextOfTheTypeItem

This article on getting started with client side code for Creatio might help…


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