How to break text and move to next line on mobile interface



On mobile interface below text is not fully showing.

Below screenshot taken from mobile interface (form view of a section)

I tried to move remaining text on next line by applying custom css but no luck, even the text is not showing in html code (using mobile simulator)

Dots "..." should hide and remaining text should show on next line 


Any help will be highly appreciable



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I's possible to move text on the next line by applying to the element custom css style: 


white-space: normal;


Please see the example -


The article by the link below describes how to apply custom css style in mobile application:


Alina Kazmirchuk,

Above custom style is not working on page preview/detail view of record

In your example the value/text is showing under html but if you see the preview/detail view of record (for example a case record), you will see the value/text is not showing in html and after applying custom css the text not moving to next line

Could you please provide a screenshot? I have checked the section and record page  - the long text displays properly (

Alina Kazmirchuk,

First screenshot taken from detail view of a custom section and and second one is showing its html code

you can see I applied custom css on 2 related divs and input element, the input is not showing the text instead showing the variable "UsrStockForecast.UsrAwarded" and custom css not working

Unfortunately, it's impossible to break text and move to next line for the input type control that doesn't show text in the html code.

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