How to attach Excel Report of Dashboard in attachments

Hi Team,


I am looking for workaround in which I need to attach the Dashboard List (Excel Report) in attachments of any custom section and then further used in Business Process. So, please help me to figure out the steps to follow.



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Hello colleagues,
To solve your business task you need to use the business process element "Process file". Set the "Generated report" mode, choose a report template, and in the column "What to do with file?" specify the next: "Save to "Attachments and notes" of the object".

Then choose the object.
Best regards, Alex.

Hi Aleksei, 


Thanks for responding. But in my case, I need to attach a list view of Dashboard, which I think is not feasible through "Process File" element. Can you please suggest some other solution or please correct me if I am wrong.


Thanks and Regards, Prashant

Prashant Jha,

If you need to create an Attachment and notes object for your custom section or object - you can find a useful information in this article:…

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