How to add custom button on dashboard of customer portal


I need a custom button on dashboard of customer portal.

On click for example Contact create form should appear.


I have another idea, OOB on customer's dashboard there is OOB dashlet of Case with "New" button. On click the form is populating and we can create new case.

But on custom dashlet of custom section "Multi Currency" there is no "New" button. Any idea for enabling this button?



Any help will be highly appreciable.



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Hello Muhammed,

What I recommend to do in this case is to understand how the "new" button is already added on a existing dashlet. 

At first, I recommend to use the chrome debugger and try to search the name of the button in the entire client code (ctrl+shift+f), so you will find where it is added.

Then, after analysis of the code, something similar for your custom object should be implemented.

Also, don`t forget to enable minipage usage in custom section settings.

Hope, my answer will help you.



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