Grid loading issue

I have a detail in a page , when I open the page  , it loads then the grid will load after couple of seconds , what I want is to show a loader in the page and hide it when the grid is rendered.

How to know when the grid is rendered (finished loading), also in the case that I have more than 1 detail, how to check if all details are loaded and finished

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It's a very strange idea to stop using multithreading - one of the most powerful JS features. Please make sure that you need this. 

Anyway, details are loading asynchronously and they don't have an "onDetailLoaded" event. One of the latest loading methods will be "onGridDataLoaded" in the BaseGridDetail. Please feel free to use it as an indicator of the fact that a detail was loaded. 

In order to indicate a complete loading of all details please use threading control on a page. Please find more information about threads in the article by the link below.

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