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How to search emails from a connected mail box? Version used in 7.14.0.


How to include Activity section in search results? Already ticked the "indexing for full text" in activity section; still activities are not listed while searching for a contact.

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Dear Krishna,

Indeed, by default the Activity records are not included to the global search results. After you enabled full text indexing it is better to wait for some time till the records are indexed. Once the process is finished - they should be displayed in the search results. Note, the activities with the type 'Email' are not displayed in the global search results. If you still don't have the activities in the search results, we suggest to contact our support team via and request the full manual re-indexation. Thus, all data in the database will be re-indexed and will be displayed in the search results. 

Best regards,


Dean Parrett,

Thanks Dean!!

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